Hello World!


I wouldn’t know how many people really fall under the same boat, but I would like to share the thought process I used in developing some of my projects with little to no knowledge on coding. I hope to use this platform to breakdown my projects into its relevant components in order to demonstrate the phrase “It’s not as difficult as you might think”. IMO, practicing this method of learning may help you dive into unchartered waters and still keep you afloat, and maybe get you to the shoreline with ease.


As I have mentioned earlier, I am not a developer/designer. Most of these projects are self learnt and done out of interest. Hence, the methods used behind these projects may not follow the standard coding practices.


I plan to use this section of my website to write about some of the projects I have developed, break it down into its individual components and discuss the challenges I faced when creating said projects etc…


You can visit the posts page to skim through the projects and other articles.

I have not decided on the approach I plan to use, but hopefully as I continue to develop this blog and based on the comments and feedback I receive, I would be able to  develop new skills in order to post new content, and then tell you how I did it :P.



Siraj M